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Anything but Footy

Bespoke Podcast & Audio Services

Welcome to 'Anything but Footy', a new company offering customers bespoke podcast and audio services with a specialism in the sports industry. Our USP is what we call ‘Prodcast’ – our professionally produced podcast proposition. We use our expertise and experience to make podcasts that would not sound out of place on national radio. We work to the highest possible production values and standards and have an excellent grasp of being able to tell your story in different and engaging ways. Explore out work below, and contact us directly to learn more.


"It was really positive such a varied style, we also need that in athletics to activate different demographics and different age groups. I personally like listening to something before I go and run and it gave me the inspiration to think the shows on, people are waiting for this, lets go! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts!"

Steph Twell, British 10,000m Champion 


"Great to hear such a professionally produced podcast, rather than just an hour-long chat on a dodgy Skype call. Good content, knowledgeable questions, creative use of location sound and editing, all (appropriately!) at a great pace. I’ll certainly be listening again."

Peter Stewart,Top-rated Alexa Skill producer | #FlashBriefing #VoiceUX consultant/speaker


Get in Touch

You may already have some ideas about how our podcast and audio services could be used to promote your organisation, your people at all levels and the major events that you are involved with. To discuss further do not hesitate to get in touch.
John Cushing & Michael Weadock